IV Tubing

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IV Tubing

This section is devoted to different types of IV tubing:

  • Primary Setssome times called Adminisration Sets are usually 60" or longer in length, can be used with IV pumps or used by themselves for gravity infusions.

  • Secondary Sets or Piggyback Sets are used in conjuction with Primary Sets, usually connecting to a Y-site on the primary line. They measure between 20"-45" in length.

  • Extension Sets are used close to the patients IV site & they can come in numerous configurations.  They are ususally between 3"- 55" in length. Can either be 1) one piece of tubing,  2) Bifurcated (Forked or divided into two parts) or 3) Trifucated (divided into three parts).

  • Needleless Connector section for Sets that have a Needleless Adapter already attached.

  • ComponentsIs a section that offers individual parts that are sold by themselves to be add on when needed to any of the sets.


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